Free VPN for China 2018: 4 Ways to Download VPN in China iPhone Android

I will show you how to download Free VPN APP while you are already in China. GFW will block all VPN APP, so you can’t get any VPN APP in regular way. Some Chinese internet users have find out 4 ways to unblock GFW to download VPN in China.

Just follow the steps below, you will get many cool Free VPN in china. The following tips support PC, Mac, Windows, Chrome, iOS and Android APP.


1. Do Not Use Chinese Brand Cellphone. Some of Chinese Brands cellphone may cooperated with Chinese government to track and block VPN APP. So, You need to use other brands mobile like APPLE, Samsung…etc.


2. Use Russian Searching Engine to enter APKPURE. You can’t enter Google and APKPURE in China, but You can still enter APKPURE through Russian Searching Engine.

免費VPN APP推薦,人在中國大陸也能安裝手機VPN 2018

APKPURE is a website that collects Android APP, of course there is many FREE VPN APP in store.

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3. Before Setup VPN APP, Change Your Cellphone Region Setting to USA, UK, Japan…etc. Do Not Set to China!

Download Yoga VPN


4. Use Chrome or QQ Browser to install Extension”谷歌上网助手”或”谷歌服务助手”,after you unblock the GFW, then You can download more Free VPN APP (This is for PC/MAC user)




If you live in other country, but you want to change to China IP. You can try the tutorial below.