Avgle download online Chrome/PC/iOS/Android APP 2018

How to download Avgle video online? In this tutorial, I will show you the best and fastest way to download by using Chrome Extension. You may also download Avgle video by using iPhone and Android APP.

Just follow steps by steps, you can backup all the video from Avgle.

→ Avgleダウンロード方法 (日本語版チュートリアル)


Step 1. Download EagleGet Downloader


Step 2. Do Not install iNewTab while you are installing EagleGet


Step 3. During the installation, EagleGet will ask you to turn off Chrome, just close the chrome


Step 4. Choose your language setting


Step 5. In this example, I installed Traditional Chinese version


Step 6. After successfully install EagleGet, Chrome will ask you to install EagleGet Free Downloader extension


Step 7. Click activate button


Step 8. Go to Avgel video page, Turn Off Video Ad, and Click Video Play Button(Important!), EagleGet will detected Avgle video link


Step 9. Open EagleGet Downloader


Step 10. Click Yes to download Avgle video


Step 11. EagleGet will start to download Avgle video

EagleGet Downloader

Avgle Downloader (iPhone APP)

Avgle Downloader (Android APP)

Avgle Downloader (Windows/Mac)